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Payment Drop Boxes; Weather Resistant, Stainless Steel

Our Payment Drop Box all-stainless-steel construction means a lifetime warranty against rust and corrosion, assuring your investment will remain intact for years to come. The high grade, heavy duty gauge, brushed stainless steel means your payments are safe and secure inside our boxes. Try our “Ocean Finish” powder coating for added protection in coastal cities, or areas where road salt is a concern. So no matter the weather, your payments can be collected from your customers without concern for damage or for your business needing to be open.


Safety & Security

Your items security is our priority. This means our payment drop box has a locking mechanism as a theft deterrent for added security. Deposit openings and their associated chutes are built with anti-theft construction ensuring thieves cannot reach in and pull anything out. Purchase our drop boxes and you can rest assured your payments are safe and sound both on hours and off.

Customizable & Made To Last

Your payment box, your way. From custom color options with powder coating, to custom vinyl graphics, or chose one of our eye-catching vinyl themes. You have the ability to brand your payment box to your liking. Along with providing added protection, our vinyl grabs your customers attention and can be used for marketing purposes! Want to switch things up? We can also change out the vinyl whenever you want so you’re not locked into one look forever.

Go Green with our Payment Drop Boxes

Made from over 65% recycled material, our payment drop boxes are constructed with an environmentally conscious mind knowing the environment is a major concern in not only how things are manufactured, but with what they are manufactured. Also, with our customized vinyl graphics, there is no concern for harmful pollutants and toxins being used to paint the exterior of the boxes. You too can Go Green with our American Security Cabinets Payment Drop Boxes.